Abby Lighting brings tech expertise to its old art of manufacturing lighting fixtures. Abby Smart is a wireless dimming solution based on Bluetooth mesh technology, allowing you to control your lights from your phone, tablet, smart switches/remotes and voice assistants- Google and Alexa. When you sync with Abby Smart you can configure the correct light colour temperature and intensity to create a setting that’s adapted for your space. At Abby, it’s our constant endeavour to bring good quality and easy to install and maintain products that lower the overall cost to customer. We call this lighting system SMART for a reason:
Plug your luminaire in, download the app and you are ready to control your lights with a simple Bluetooth connection. All products automatically create a wireless mesh network. No need for special wiring, new switches, servers etc… its as simple as it can get. Bring your space to life with the right lighting! Set scenes- like work mode, party mode, movie nights… schedule lights for specific times of the day. Make the most of Dim to Warm and Tuneable White products from our portfolio with this new technology.